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Self esteem

Many people with low self-esteem have a common theme:
1.You probably think of yourself as easy to get on with.
2.You like to please others and avoid conflict.
3.You might look at yourself as easy going.
4.You find it difficult to say ‘NO’.

This behaviour is known as subjugation:
·Your subjugation lower your self-esteem.
·You do not feel entitled to express your feelings, wants and needs.
·You cannot be bothered to fight for what you want as it seems so trivial.
·The reality is that you are left with a life where very few of your needs are met.

Believe in yourself even when you are wrong.

*You may feel it would be easier to believe in yourself if you had accomplished everything and were rich and famous - NOT TRUE.

*Belief in yourself comes before accomplishment - not after.

*Believing in yourself is a state of mind.

*If you have hurt someone - remember - only good people feel bad about hurting others.

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