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Many of us will experience emotional turmoil at some time in our life.
I refer to emotional turmoil as ĎPAINí.  However, we live in a culture where if we suffer from emotional pain, many of us will not seek help, for various reasons:

Stiff upper lip syndrome:  Big girls - and men - donít cry!
-Not wanting to appear weak.
-Lack of available information.
-Seen as not being cost-effective. -   psychologists and therapists are not readily available through the NHS and the waiting list for treatment is generally very lengthy.

If we suffer from physical ailments, from nagging aches and pains or discomfort to chest pains, unexplained lumps, we seek medical help.  Whilst to a degree psychology and psychotherapy is still in its infancy, being approximately 100 years in its making, nowadays many GPs do recognise the benefit psychology has on a personís well-being; but the medical model often takes precedence and antidepressants may be prescribed.  Although antidepressants can be a useful aid in helping people deal with their problems, often the person will not find the cause of their distress through using drugs.  This is where psychology/ psychotherapy is vital, for research tells us that just 5% of people currently prescribed antidepressants actually need to take them as a long-term measure.

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